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Star Destroyer

Kuat Imperial Class

Bandai Box Scale (1/14,500)

Here's the SD, after a rather speedy 4 day build. Lovely kit, albeit rather on the small side (11cm long). It's sitting on the supplied stand for now, but I'll make something more presentable for it in the future. You can find the brief wip here









Thanks for looking


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I am flabbergasted. Something this detailed came from a box THAT small? Holy hell! Just when I think Bandai can't impress me anymore, they go and do something like this! And then you get your grubby mits on it and turn it into a showroom piece!

Well done Andy!

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Fantastic work again Andy! Like others have said as soon as I saw your WIP I may have hit ebay, I only got one so that's good right :winkgrin:


Always two there!! One master, one apprentice?

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A lovely well built model - one of my favourite star wars subjects - but Bandai really should have made this kit a lot B I G G E R

It looks like they may well be doing a larger scale one now. The small one is well worth getting for the price though. I'm hoping they'll release more capitol ships in this scale, as they'd make a great shelf display. Some small scale Enterprises with this level of detail wouldn't go amiss either


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