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Black X-Wing

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well i'm back for a bit as i haven't been able to do much modelling due to real life, but enough about that, lets get the show back on the road again.

The landing gear and bays have been taken care of and i have chromed part of each landing leg as well, if anyone has any questions on what i did there feel free to ask. I have also added the greebles to the wing sections as well as painting the ball droid which isn't in the pictures yet. the next big job is the guns, which have been given a coat of primer paint and metal coloured paint from vallejo, so next is the tedious job of masking them and adding the black paint.



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On Sunday, October 09, 2016 at 10:00 AM, gruffy said:

Great work! I can't wait for the completed kit!

Good news as I Have completed the model and IT IS IN the finished section.


Sorry for the capital letters the site doesnt like mobile phone predictive texting for some reason

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