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Thanks for the words of encouragement chaps :)

Hi Sam, I've just caught up with this. Great modelling on the Vulcan! The photo-etch work is superb. How you've managed to do all this whilst studying I've no idea :o!

I'll take a seat at the back if that's ok?


Best regards


Well, everyone needs a break now and again and I've always found modeling one of the best ways to dissipate stress (it is also a great medium by which you can develop precision and skill using potentially dangerous objects in a safe manner, as well as developing an ability to research effectively and indulging in military history at the same time). (All of which benefit my education, even the last one, especially now that in history we're moving onto the history of Yugoslavia, the rise of Lenin and Stalin and the son's of Henry II- all three periods being dominated by warfare.)

You're more than welcome to join :)

Kind regards,


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Looks awesome, in fact it has inspired me to wait for the New Tool Airfix Vulcan which must surely be coming one day...

My hands would not be up to this I'm sure!

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How did the exams go?

A in Physics

B's in Biology, Chemistry and History

-I'm dropping Physics so that'll be my AS level and the other three won't count towards the final A2 grade as I have chosen to take those for my A levels.

-UCAS this month for an application for medicine (UKCAT aptitude done last month)

-Medical lecture series from next week until christmas at University of Birmingham's medical school

Oh and i was recently made head boy so I've got a fair bit of work to do for that as well!

Busy year ahead! ^_^


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And finally, work proceeds!

I've filled and sanded the resin exhausts into shape, the base coat has been applied (which was soon followed by the top grey coat for the camouflage).

Due to a lack of blu-tack, I'm doing the green camouflage pattern piece by piece.






Once again, thanks for having a look! :)




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Afternoon all!


A bit of an update, I spent all of Friday evening and most of yesterday getting some more work done on the Vulcan.

Lots more to do:

-Needs a bit of a clean-up, removing dust, etc

-Bomb bay doors need adding

-ECM bay door needs adding

-Overspray in the interior needs cleaning up

-Decals need sourcing!




















That's all for now! Thanks for looking :)

Kind regards,



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7 minutes ago, Harrywilliams said:

wow Sam, I've been looking through this build and its amazing! what did you use for the seat belts?

Cheers! Tamiya tape for the belts and scrap plastic for the rear crew-seat buckles.



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