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Turbolaser from Star Wars IV "A New Hope"

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Dear forum members,

I have seen the wonderful Turbolaser diorama from Tony Agustin from 2003.

I was so fascinated from his work that I decided to build one as well.

As I was not a model maker and have never tried to build something from scratch this project has been a big challenge for me.

The X-Wings are from Bandai 1:72.

In total it took me 200 hours +.

I hope you like it!








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Pictures were not available anymore.
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The framework has been done by thick paper plates (4mm). Over this I have glued styrene plates.

The rest has been mostly done from styrene parts which I have cut the way I needed them. The gun center is bress and the rest has been made from styrene and Lego parts. Only a few parts are from other plastic models (helicopter, racing car, jet).

Maybe I will replace the gun with a gun which looks more like the original gun. I can replace it easily because it is not glued with the tower itself.

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Inspiring stuff!

In my experience, simply knowing one can create something for sure, makes it so much easier to start on something that is seeminly tricky or complicated. :)

With this thread scratch building stuff seem fun. :D

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You say you were not a modelmaker before building this Mindmax, but you sure as hell are one now and a naturally talented one too if that's your first experience of this wonderful hobby?!

All I can say is WOW!! You need to do some more of this modelmaking thing - very well done indeed sir, that looks fantastic!! :Tasty::coolio::thumbsup:

Kev :)

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14 minutes ago, Vinnie said:

Not my subject but I think you've made a superb job there. The paintwork and finishing are outstanding. Well done.

Thanks a lot Vinnie!


Best, Mark

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