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Berlin Airlift C-47s - 1:72 Iliad Designs


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Berlin Airlift C-47s

1:72 Iliad Designs


It did not take too long after the end of WWII for things to turn sour between the former Allies of East and West. The first real test of the Cold War came in 1948 when the Soviet bloc decided to blockade the former German Capital of Berlin which despite being in the Soviet Zone of occupied Germany was administered jointly between the Soviets, The UK, France and the USA. Road, Rail & Canal access to West Berlin was closed off but not the Air Corridor. In what has been described as the biggest humanitarian airlift in history, air Crews from the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia & South Africa would operate an Airlift to bring in Supplies to West Berlin. Over 200,000 flights would take place in the space of a year, at the height of the campaign, one plane landed every 45 seconds at Tempelhof Airport. 39 British & 31 American personnel, and 13 German civilians lost their lives in the Berlin Airlift. They are remembered on the Berlin Airlift monument at Tempelhof. The C-47/DC-3 was still at the time available in large numbers and as such saw a lot of service during the Berlin Airlift, this new sheet from ILIAD allows for 4 different aircraft can be built from the sheet;
  • USAF C-47 "Fassberg Flyer".
  • USAF C-47 S/N 315672.
  • S/N 293708 European Air Transport Service.
  • DC-3 from BOAC G-AGIZ .


The decals look excellent, well printed, colour dense and with minimal carrier film.

These decals help commemorate an important part of Cold War history. Highly Recommended.


Review sample courtesy of logo.jpg

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