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Hunter Mk.59 Iraqi Airforce

6 day war 1967

Academy 1/48

one GB ended, so let us start a new one.... :banghead::banghead: . just joking, really looking forward to this one for more than a year now!

quite a lot of reseach already done last year in preparation for this GB, you guys helped tremendously already!!! :thumbsup:


here is what I have for now, I hope this will suffice ;)

As I understand it, the FGA.9 boxing is the way to go, only diference being the flaps and exhaust area (which will be replaced by PJ prodctions version anyways)


some things I observed:


Academy ones are said to be too skinny,

but now????:


quite a difference here in detail and proportions....... what do you think??

the same here in the cockpit area


hard to think these represent basically the same.....

both a vast improvement over the kit items nonetheless :)


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Nice choice Werner. Looks like it should be a fun build, I look forward to watching your progress.

As you say, the aftermarket parts are interesting, strange that there should be so many differences. Could be fun playing spot the difference though. :winkgrin:

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got started yesterday :)

PJ exhaust fits reasonably well, some hot water will be necessary to close the fuselage though....


what do you think of the exhaust pipe?

Academy puts it that far in....


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Nice work getting the resin parts fitted. Everything looks smooth.

The jet pipe does need to be a good bit closer to the rim though.

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thanks mirageiv!

some small update:

SBS wheel wells fitted, they add a lot of detail and fit very well:



wing halves not glued yet, but fit very well:


intakes also glued... fit is very nice. I really like the Academy approach of the recessed wing fitment .. very hard to do something wrong I guess!


not sure yet on how to improve on the intake shape though :(

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While the engineering and mould quality of this kit is good the shape errors are unfortunate. I'd say the best way to improve the intake is to get a needle file into the outer corner and remove some material.

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thank Col, yes that is something I will try! the kit's outer intake edge is very angular instead of round....

"had" to buy more stuff.... Heritage Aviation Hunter correction set this time... you can't have enough (variation sic!) no? ;)

fast delivery from KitsforCash :thumbsup:


very nice casts :) (Instrument panel, is top!!, Mk.6 exhaust with jet pipe at a useful location looks gorgeous!)

so here my other observations:

on wheel size:


I also found his thread (now of course ;))


according to this the SBS wheels are the closest in size, Heritage on the very big side, but with a absolutely nice nose wheel! (none in the SBS set....)

can't everybody who produces expensive AM sets get their sources and measurements right????? :banghead:

more on the cockpit:

same story here:


there is some length resemblance... not much else actually :hanging:

so, and now the reason on why I originally bought it (apart form the exhaust for a future Mk.6 :))

the front parts with modified gun throughs:


much much better than the hollow kit ones. probably a drill and a needle file could have lead to a similar result though!

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The Heritage set does look good and the cockpit in particular is certainly more accurate in the area behind the seat than the SBS set. Not sure what SBS based that 'pit on but it certainly wasn't a Hawker Hunter.

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Thanks for doing the comparisons. This resin stuff is so expensive you assume its good but actually its still only someones interpretation of what they think it looks like. Eg the wheels.

Seems to me most of it is based on detailed kit parts and so compounds any errors in the basic kit.


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