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1:48 Curtiss P40 Kittyhawk RAF 1942 Neville Duke

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With RAF Tangmere just down the road from me and my local model club displaying on the Museums 'Bader Down Day' this August I thought that this model would certainly fit in as Neville Duke has such a history with RAF Tangmere when he broke the sound barrier in his Hawker Hunter.


The Hasegawa kit is sublime, fitting extremely well with good detail for such a kit. Adding Eduards interior PE set rises the game to a new level. The only other extra that I did was to drill out the exhaust stacks and guns to add some depth.

The build went smoothly and having lots of photos of the AF Air-wing in 1942 it was obvious that these P40s were heavily used and in by no means a pristine condition, so I set out to add a level of weathering through pre and post shading, Tamiya powders and a wash to get the right effect.



As the build went on it became obvious that this bird needed to be shown its proper environment; the desert, so I found a resin RAF desert pilot and using a set of plastic from my local hobby store and other bits and pieces that I had lying around I built up a small diorama presenting Neville Duke with his aircraft.

Painting was done using Vallejo Air paints, which I love to use, the pattern was free hand as the middle stone was added in theater and was not neat (Dukes aircraft had clear over-spray on the side fuselage roundels).



Photographing this build was difficult for some reason. I don't have the best set up and usually use my phone camera as its as good as I have.




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Top work Richard, that's a cracking Kittyhawk!! :Tasty::thumbsup:

I'm not a fan of heavily weathered models normally, especially when they are just to be displayed 'stand alone' fashion in a display cabinet, as I feel it just looks plain wrong .... but when the model is to be part of a diorama, where a story is to be told, as with your model here, then that is a different story but even then it still has to be done sympathetically towards the scene to look right in my view? In your case it is perfectly done and I like it very much, it really looks like it's spent many days under the hot Libyan sun and had some very hard use in desert warfare - perfect!!

Very well done Richard!! :Tasty: :tasty: :thumbsup:

Kev :)

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Lovely rich caramelised paintwork. You can almost feel that desert sun beating down on the airframe.

Nice work,


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