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M2A3 help

depressed lemur

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Hi Guys,

I am building my second only AFV, and have chosen the Meng M2A3 Bradley with BUSK and full interior with the Fruil Model metal tracks(no point in half measures) . As I normally do things with wings (and after cleaning up all the wheels I am reminded why) I have very few references to work with. Therefore I would like to start this topic to allow mw to ask the stupid questions I need to help this along. I have started well with the tracks completed and looking fine, and assume that the separate tyres on the wheels are rubber (The instructions give Vallejo numbers but the one quoted I can't even find on the Vallejo website!) and I will use Tyre black for them.

However, I am stuck with the main colour used during the desert campaigns. I have been informed that the colour should be FS23446, but this would suggest that the paint is semi-gloss and I find that pictures seem to show a matt finish. Can anyone confirm this and suggest a good colour match? I generally use Vallejo, Tamiya and Mr Hobby acrylic paints.

Thanks for any feedback or tips.

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I have now found references to FS33531 as being the correct shade. As this is in the matt and yellow range it certainly seems a better match than 23446.

Any thoughts on this or am I over thinking this? Part of me is screaming to stop faffing about and start building.

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Don't over think this.

General consensus here in the states is that Model Master "Sand", either enamel or acrylic, is the best match for an accurate "straight out of the bottle" color.

Click on the 5th square down on the left side.




In reality any light sand shade will suffice. After weathering it will look fine.

I'm not real familiar with modern armor having been away from the military for decades, but I understand factory fresh CARC paint has a slight semigloss at first. It rapidly goes dull and is dead flat in finish when operational.


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