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1/144 - Handley Page HP.80 Victor B.1 by MikroMir - released


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MikroMir is to release a 1/144th Handley Page Victor B.1 - ref. 144027

Source: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235001063-handley-page-victor-b1-1144/

To put alongside the Great Wall Hobby (GWH) and Pit Road Victor B.2/K.2 http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234964961-1144-victor-b2-gwh-kit-l1004/

3D renders











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Well that's extremely welcome !, my favourite version of the beast, definitely see a few coming this way. Now if Airfix would kindly do the honours following their Mk.2 !

I'm sure they will! Be nice in 1/144th, it's my scale at the moment....

See you tomorrow by the way? :)

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  • 4 months later...

Noooooo, why do they keep doing this to me???? 😱


Just when I think I've got all of the kits I need this happens!!!


Oh well, best I make space for a couple  🙂


Really looking forward to their release of the HP Hastings


XVTonker :pilot:

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2 hours ago, Paul J said:

Interesting. But I wonder what the price will be compared to the GWH kit?


The GWH kits are a B2 and a K2



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3 hours ago, jaw said:


The GWH kits are a B2 and a K2



But the proposed artwork for the Mikro Mir kit shows a Tanker and labelled as as B.1???

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1 hour ago, praded-dembelya said:

Not so simple.
  K-1А has a number of differences from the B-1. The B-1 has a sharper end of the fuselage, a smooth leading edge of the wing (the K-1 has a tooth)


That tooth came about from when Victors went from having outer wing leading edge flaps to the fixed drooped leading edges.

@sloegin57 Dennis will know more, but I think it just happened to coincide with the bomber to tanker conversion period.

As I understand it, the blunter rear fuselage cone was associated with electronic equipment fitted to the B.1A / K.1A.


My point about B(K).1s (confusingly designated K.2As at one time) is that they were the simpler two point tanker conversions to rush the type into service when Valiants were withdrawn, such as the preserved one at Duxford, which seems to be the one in your illustration.



Edit, XA930 in your picture was a trials aircraft for a while, that explains the underwing tanks, and it was also used for RATO trials.


Nice looking sprues! 👍

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2 hours ago, praded-dembelya said:

What can you say about this B-1?



XA930 spent a lot of her life on trials work, including RATOG, AAR, the underwing tanks for the B. 2 and a reconnaussance radar installation.  You can see in the photo that she retained the original leading edge flaps.


To gently correct 71Chally the early Mk. 1 tanker conversions were BK. 1 K2P, indicating that they retained the ability to switch between bomber and tanker roles but that they only had 2 refuelling points (the wing pods).  Later conversions got the full and (almost) irreversible tanker-only conversion with the HDU in the bomb bay as well as the wing pods as K. 1As.

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On 3/23/2019 at 2:45 PM, 71chally said:

The B(K).1 was a straightforward tanker conversion of the B.1 (more so than the B.2/K.2), maybe both versions in the box?

We are planning 2 boxes - tanker K.1 / K.1A and bomber B.1 / 1A.
As part of the brand AMP will Vulcan B.1 / 1A

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