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Trinity House Lightship detail set. 1:110


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Trinity House Lightship
Atlantic Models 1:110


Frog originally released the Trinity House lightship in 1962, since then it has been re-released by the likes of UPC, Novo, Chematic, Revell, Eastern Express and most recently by Ark Models in 2012. In all this time, no company has released a detail set for it. That is, until now, with the release of this etched detail set from Atlantic Models.

The single sheet measures 146mm x 143mm and whilst it doesn’t contain as many parts as some of the other Atlantic releases, they will certainly help with giving the kit a huge lift in the finesse of the detail. The lantern structure appears to get a lot of the Peter Hall treatment, but before you add any of the brass, the modeller will need to remove the kits moulded platform and sand the area smooth. The new platform, complete with the attached railings, is glued into position, followed by the supports, all fourteen of them. The clear lantern parts then need to have the moulded frames removed and the the part sanded and polished, before the etched framework is fitted. I suppose an alternative would be to use clear sheet to replace the kits clear parts, but without the kit at hand I’m not sure how successful this would be.


For the rest of the ship, there are three styles of inclined and vertical ladders, a set of replacement railings, deck boat supports and six lengths of anchor chain stock. The kits doors need to be removed and are replaced with etched items, which, having detail on both sides, are folded together to make a single door, these can then be fitted in either the open or closed position as per the modellers wishes. There are also two skylight hatches, a small one and a larger one for the gallery roof. Both can be glazed with either thin acetate sheet or the like. The ships boats are provided with new falls for the davits.

I think Peter at Atlantic Models is doing a great job in keeping the older maritime kits viable with these detail sets and this one is very useful in that respect. It may still take some work, what with the removal of the lantern parts, but then scratch building would require a lot more. Very highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of Peter Hall of logo.gif

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