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HMS Devonshire detail set. 1:600


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HMS Devonshire Destroyer
Atlantic Models 1:600


Originally released in the 1960’s the last outing for the Airfix HMS Devonshire kit was as part of the Falklands War set, released in 2004. Whilst it is still quite a nice kit, it is certainly showing its age. Lacking in the finesse and sharpness we are used to in this golden age of maritime modelling. Well, Peter Hall, and his Atlantic Models has once again come to the rescue, in the form of a single sheet of etched brass. The set arrives in the standard Atlantic Models envelope with the etched sheet sellotaped to a piece of card for protection.

The single sheet measures 147mm x 108mm and contains nearly one hundred and ten parts to add that much needed fine detail to the kit. Aside from a full complement of ships railings, each shaped and sized to fit their specific positions, although some will need to be bent to fit, there are also a full set of flightdeck netting which can be positioned folded or upright. The massive Seaslug missile launcher is one of the most complicated parts of the set, and like its larger 1:350 cousin found in the Atlantic Models kit, this one contains no less than nineteen parts, plus a length of polystyrene rod from the modellers supplies. The Type 965 radar lives up to its nickname of Bedstead and also mimics the 1:350 scale version, with twelve parts required to create that inimitable shape. Some scratchbuilding is still required to bring the kit up to the correct standard of weapons fit and this is particularly shown with the need to build the Corvus chaff launcher enclosures. The set includes a base and two templates for which to shape the 20thou plastic card needed to build the enclosure up. Almost as intensive is the replacement of the kits Seacat launchers which is clearly explained in the instructions and which are further detailed with the four etched Seacat missiles and the launchers guide frames. The two 20mm Oerlikons are also provided along with the Corvus launchers. The foremast is fully detailed, with a complete array of yardarms, platforms, platform railings, Type 277 height finding radar array and aerials, whilst the fore-funnel is also fitted out with a pair of yardarms.


The set also includes the davits for the ships boats, quarterdeck mounted paravane crane, a full complement of vertical and inclined ladders, and the skins for the large vents forward of the aft funnel, the bodies of which need to be made up from 1.5mm thick plasticard. The main mast is also given the full treatment with a complete array of yardarms, platforms, and is topped off with the large Type 965 radar assembly. The two Seacat loading cranes will need a pair of crane poles to be scratch built, but the folding hanger door is included, although the kits moulded door will need to be removed first, along with a folding telemetry mast for the hanger roof. The Wessex Mk1 is provided with new main and tail rotors and tail wheel. A nice touch is that Peter has included a set of folded main rotor blades, should you wish to pose the cab in that condition.

This is yet another winner from Atlantic Models. I know there are many examples of this kit hiding in the stashes of the maritime modeller, mine included. As with the other older kits that Peter Hall is catering for, now is the time to drag them out and get building. Yes, the parts are quite a bit fiddlier than in the larger scale, but it’ll be worth it. Very highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of Peter Hall of logo.gif

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Nice review Dave, and timely reminder for a check ofwhat I may have in the stash. I have just looked and found that I have an Airfix Devonshire lurking there. It's also been a while since I ordered something from Pete so this will give me a good reason to place an order now.



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