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70's NATO Vs Warsaw Pact in Europe GB Chat

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With the 80's era NATO Vs Warsaw Pact in Europe having just started today we got chatting about some of the subjects that just miss the cut-off date. You can imagine it, lots of silver heavy metal in the skies, MBT's rumbling about, surface ships including the last of Britain's Fleet Air Arm going about. Sound fun? Okay the fashion and music could be dodgy but so were those things in the 80's :lol:

1, Col.

2, Arniec

3, Pin

4, modelling minion

5, nimrod54

6, HansReggelsen

7, PhantomBigStu

8, DAG058

9, Ghostbase

10, jrlx

11, whitestar12chris

12, smuts

13, specky

14, Jabba

15, Cookenbacher

16, AndyC

17, CliffB

18, Giorgio N

19, Dave_R

20, Wez

21, Shermaniac

22, fatfingers

23, 06/24

24, Radleigh

25, franky boy

26, mirageiv

27, IanHx

28, helios16v

29, Rob G

30, Lex77

31, theplasticsurgeon

32, trickyrich

33, charlie_c67

34, Kingtiger

35, kpc7676

36, Blitz23

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Why not! :thumbsup: - I'm old enough to remember the '70'es - Sundays without cars on the streets because of oil shortage, disco, Grease, the rise of the young Arnold Schwarzenegger and - what is more interesting in this context - The Armsdeal of the Century - which plane would grace the skies over Europe - The YF-16? - The YF-17? The Viggen? or the Mirage F.1? :hmmm:

Well - we know now, but back then - it was so exiting. I even built a F-16 in green camoflage - Well the RDAF F-100 was green, as was the Draken, the F-104 and Hunter....!

So - Yes - I'm in as well! :winkgrin:

Cheers :bye:

Hans J

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No need to think about it from my side, it's a resounding yes ! Speaking of aircrafts alone, these 10 years saw the last months of service of some old classics like the Sabre and the F-86 and the arrival of aircrafts still in service today like the F-15. There's potential for a large number of subjects with some interesting markings

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