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How about X-(planes,cars,boats,armours) GB?


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- experimental vehicles

- prototypes

- record breakers (if specially modified)

- flying laboratories

- one of a kind

Examples (some qualify by in more than one category) :


XB-35, X-29, X-47B, Su-47, Maus tank


YB-49, YF-23, Sukhoi T-50, Concorde G-BSST, A-380 and B-787 in "First Flight" livery

Record breakers

TB-1 "Strana Sovetov", Bloodhound SSC, Ruthan Voyager

SR-71 is an example that DOES NOT qualify as no special modifications were made

Flying Laboratories

NB-52, Tu-144LL

One of a kind

An-225, Sukhoi T-4, Wright Flyer

Worth trying ?

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I can't say no, so I am in. Still got a Fw-189 V6 lying around somewhere. Or a Me-263 or a He-178. :wub: Oh boy, I need to have a look at my list.


Edit: Just found a E100 tank in my stash as well.

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Or maybe a racer from the 30's. I'm assuming it would only include planes that got built not paper projects and what-ifs?

That's right.

I haven't thought about racers, but I think they match the spirit

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I'll join too - with what I don't know yet! :hmmm:

Can't remember if I actually have any X-thingies, but id not, I'll get one - this's too good to pass! :thumbsup:

Cheers :bye:

Hans J

PS How about a Chrysler Atlantic Concept car :


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When an idea comes independently to more than one person it is a good idea in a good time.

Independently of myself Tony came up with an idea so close to mine that we decide to join efforts


I asked Tony to transfer all the people who signed up in this thread to the list for the new GB which I will co-host.

Of course, you can opt out of the list if you are not agree with the merger.

I'm also asking the admins to lock this thread.

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