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G`day Gals and Lads:

Su-27 1/48 Hobbyboss

Begemot decals, Dream Model pitot tube, QuickBoost seat and LittleCars landing gear lights.

Vallejo and Akan paints.










I hope you like it.

C&C welcome.


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Very nice job!

... and like everybody: is the kit great? How is the fit? Is it possible for you to post some more details pics please?

Thanks for this topic!! :-)


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Awesome work, that looks superb to my eye. Also intrigued to know how you found the build, where you bought it etc etc. Such an awesome plane, the Flanker.

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Nice job, do let us know how it was to construct .


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Thank You Chaps for your comments, they are very much appreciated.

Now, the Su-27 Hobbyboss...

I built the J-11B boxing with Begemot decals, just removing a couple of humps and bumps in the nose and tail.

The detail is nice and crispy, fine recessed panel lines, as you would expect in a new kit.

The only kit we can compare it with is the Academy and I can tell you, it is an improvement, in many ways:

dimension, details, fitting and most importantly (at least for me) over all shape.

It looks more like a Flanker.





How does it go together?

It`s a good kit that goes together without any problems. Many of the parts actually click into place.

Those of you who have built the Academy kit may remember how hard it is to put the air intakes

right in place. It requires putty, sanding and a lot of swearing.

Well, the Hobbyboss kit gives you a putty free experience.

I was prepared for war when I cut the intakes from the sprues.

After a couple of attempts, I remove the location pins from the intake components and

everything just fit perfectly.

A couple of pictures after some wet and dry:



I reckon, I took me longer to fit the air intakes in the Academy kit than building the whole Hobbyboss kit. No kidding.

The not so good...

What I found a bit disappointing was the fact that both vertical tail fins were identical (In the real thing they are not) and both lacking detail.

I see they have moulded the fins separately so hopefully they will show some better ones in future boxings.

A couple more pictures



If you have any questions or want to see any more details just let me know, I may be able to help.

...by the way, I bought it from Hobby Link Japan.



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Woow ! Very nice Flanker - missiles you added later ? (I know - in J-11 was Chineses missiles, but AM make Russian missiles no ?)

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Woow ! Very nice Flanker - missiles you added later ? (I know - in J-11 was Chineses missiles, but AM make Russian missiles no ?)


I`m glad you like it. Regarding the missiles, I don`t have any weapons for the kit, all what is included is Chinese and when I tried the missiles of the Academy kit they look quite odd or small I`d say.

I`m sure an after market manufacturer will come up with weapons for the Hobbyboss Flanker soon.


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Hi Adrian - AM Missiles make Eduard in Brassin series - here you have it:

R-77/A-12 Adder: http://www.eduard.com/store/Aircraft-and-helicopters/1-48/R-77-AA-12-Adder-1-48.html

R-13M/AA-2 Atoll: http://www.eduard.com/store/Aircraft-and-helicopters/1-48/R-13M-AA-2-Atoll-D-1-48.html

R-27ET/AA-10 Alamo-D: http://www.eduard.com/store/Aircraft-and-helicopters/1-48/R-27ET-AA-10-Alamo-D-1-48.html

Greetings, Alfred

Edited by AlCZ
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