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As a result of the close-down of the UK by the British Government last night, we have made all the Buy/Sell areas read-only until we open back up again, so please have a look at the announcement linked here.

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The welcome message and rules will appear here.

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Well the time has come finally for this GB, there have been a lot of members waiting for this one so lets go, but first off the rules……….

Well I won’t bore everyone with endless lists of rules, but there are a few we have to get through.

I will be your co-host along with PaulR Host and Col. co-host, so if you have any questions just feel free to ask.

Ok the rules for this STGB which should be nice and simple and should be familiar to most members;

#1 - The Group Build will run from 00:01GMT Saturday 16th April to 23:59GMT Sunday 14th August 2016.

#2 - The build subject is 80’s NATO Europe vs Warsaw Pact. This should be a fairly simple GB but as we have seen in the chat thread it’s not quite so simple!

Frist thing is, forget about the book “Red Storm Rising”, it’s NOT to be mentioned again!

The subject base is European Theatre of operations as far east as the Urals, so for some of your Soviet subjects check you reference material as some were only ever eastern based. Africa and the Middle East don’t even think about it, plus of cause continental US is out.

· geographical scope - anything based in or whose theatre of operation was Europe west of the Urals. I would include continental US units deployed to Europe on exercise ( e.g. ReForGer deployments) or ANG units on deployments such as the F-4Ds which covered the Rammstein QRA during the transition to the F-16C. The only proviso here is that it would need to be a specific airframe/unit tied to specific date and location.

· Whatever you plan to build it has to have been based in Europe for at least 3 months or on official deployment.

· Aeroplanes, tanks, ships all welcome under the above scope

· NATO (and yes, France would be included even if they weren't in the military structure at the time) or Warsaw Pact- both good!

· Recon aircraft

· Trainers with “war loads”, but not whiffy stuff, these must be actual loads and weapons they would have carried.

And what’s not allowed:

· Test and development stuff, or test weapons

· Talk about the “Red Storm Rising” book or stuff from it…Col still has that limp lettuce leaf handy!

· Neutral nations: Switzerland, Albania, Finland, Sweden, etc.

· Armed display aircraft

· Unarmed Trainers

If you keep it nice and simple it will be fine, check your references, if you can find a photo of your build that’s even better. But if you are still unsure just ask.

#3 – The model can be any scale or build material (as usual I'd love to see a resin stuff), but sorry no snap-tight models. Aftermarket stuff, go for it, you can add as much as you like.

#4 – All models must be less than 25% complete at the start of the build, if in doubt please ask.

#5 - All builds must have a WIP thread showing progress, no completed models can go into the gallery unless there is a build thread. If you are building two or more identical models, then they may be combined in the same thread.

#6 - No buying/wanted or selling in the GB area please, there is a buying and selling section in Britmodeller for this!

#7 - There will be a poll to vote for your favourite build at the end of the GB, but please do not canvas for votes.

#8 – Plus no WhatIf or Fictional schemes! If you have a scheme in mind and you’re not sure then just ask if you are not sure.

Finally everybody likes constructive comments on their builds, please be polite and constrictive with them and no arguments please. As for “rivet counters” and Self Appointed Experts............

Ok that’s it, nice and simple…..almost, I do hope everyone gets to enjoy their build and has fun, good luck to all and I hope we can get them all finished in time.

Edited by Col.

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Based on the map linked to below here is a list of eligible countries for this GB;


Warsaw Pact Forces:-

Soviet Union (West of The Ural Range)


East Germany





(The various shades of red)

NATO Forces:-


Great Britain









West Germany

Spain (after 1982)

Iceland ("Iceland!?!" I hear you cry. Yes, we've included Iceland, more about that in the discussion thread)

(The blue bits on that map)

Forces from Canada and USA based in the aforementioned countries.


NATO Vs Warsaw Pact :)

Edited by Col.

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