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This was build for the "Made in Britain" GB, but I thought I'd post it here as well.

This is the old Bandai 1:16 scale kit. I'd built the Steam Roller version a couple of years ago and have had this kit in the stash ever since. My original intention was to add lighting to the bulbs around the roof, but in the end I released this was waaay too difficult to achieve so sensibly gave that up!

The kit comes with a gold-plated sprue, but that got stripped off and the pipework and features repainted with Alclad paints. This allowed a variety of colours and textures from Pale Gold to Polished Brass to Copper, Aluminium and Steel. The main modification to the kit is around the dynamo at the front. The kit part is severely lacking in detail



Close up of the dynamo. I've added cables from the control panel up into the roof to simulate how the lights would be powered.











Here you can see the cables that would have delivered power to the lights, with a scratch built junction box joining two of the cables



I've just realised on seeing this photo that I've fogotten a decal that should go on the end of the dynamo boss :(



Here is the box - its a biggie!


This is the dynamo as it comes in the kit


and this is what a typical dynamo should look like


and this is what I ended up with


Having completed this, I'm really pleased with how it looks... its actually "pretty" :)
How I EVER thought I could light all those bulbs...

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Nice work as usual, Andrew...especially on the dynamo. I was sitting behind another one of these on the L&C table at Cosford while we were discussing it with you. What happened to your drive belt from the flywheel to the dynamo though?



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I left that off as it looked a bit naff - they were not always fitted, especially if the vehicle was on the move, and since the lights aren't lit in the canopy there is obviously no juice being generated by the dynamo :)

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Fantastic !!

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That is very impressive! Always liked the old traction engines at show grounds. Brings back memories of The Iron Maiden film too! :thumbsup:

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What a fabulous looking model and some top work on the various Alclad painted parts - love the brass, looks very realistic!!

I love all of these vehicles from 'the good old days' they are very nostalgic and very pretty as you say, very well done, a joy to behold!! :Tasty: :tasty: :thumbsup:

Kev :)

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