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SAAB JAS-39 NG Gripen questions

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Hello Gents,

I’d like to hear Your thoughts and maybe even some help on building Swedish SAAB JAS-39 Gripen.

First things first. Sorry for my English. It’s not my native language, but I’ll try my best.

The aircraft I’d like to build is more known as a Gripen Demonstrator (picture bellow). If I understood correctly it's NG version.

So, the here comes the questions:

  1. What are the major differences from version B/D?
  2. Is it requires a lot of rework and modifications?
  3. I can’t find good pictures of twin seater cockpit.
  4. Where can I get Meteor missiles? Cause at the moment it seems like only Revell Typhoon got them.
  5. Maybe someone has some more detailed pictures of the right side of the airframe closer to the speed brakes, cause I need to identify logos and the names of the companies for custom made deacals?


Please, let me know, what You think and what recommendations You've got.

Looking forward to hear from You, guys!

Kind regards,


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The differences between the B/D and NG are actually rather vast. For one they redesigned and relocated the entire main landing gear.



KittyHawk included decals for the NG prototype to be used with their B/D-boxing, but that really must have been a joke.

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Thanks, now I see the difference... It seems they completely redesigned wing to body fairing. It looks more bulky on NG version. That's the shame :( I don't think we'll see NG version of Gripen in near future. It's very beautiful aircraft, but for some reason, not very popular among modellers...

And only now noticed that I've posted this in the wrong section of forum :( my mistake...

I hope moderators will move this topic to the right category.

Sorry once again!

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Oh Im sure we will see an NG Gripen at some point (Revell have just released their new Gripen C tooling), the issue is that its only just entered serial production, so give it time to enter service so model companies can get a range of schemes together.

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