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Hello everyone!

This is my first post in this 'Ready for Inspection' forum and is of a Jet2 Boeing 737-800 in 1/144 scale using the Revell model kit plus the Authentic Airliners 737NG Improvement Kit for the engines and winglets.

Using advice from the BM forum regarding the Jet2 silver, I have painted the fuselage Tamiya TS-76 Mica Silver and then oversprayed with Tamiya TS-65 Pearl Clear which seems to work pretty well. For the tail, engines and winglets I have used Testers 1103 Gloss Red which seems pretty close to the Jet2 red.

As they aren't available in the market as screen printed decals, I have created the Jet2 decal artwork sheet myself from scratch and had them professionally screen printed.

Thanks and I hope you like it.






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This is RFI, not For Sale.
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You've made an excellent 737NG out of a kit with known "issues" - very well done

In particular, your decals are superb. Also the Jet2 mica silver is difficult to re-create but you've positively cracked it.

A great job all round


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Well done Richard, absolutely stunning model !

Very nice all-round, looks just like the real thing. As Timo has said, the Revell kit has a few "issues" that you seem to have overcome, albeit using Authentic-Airliners' improvement parts. Achieving the silver coloured fuselage so successfully and realistically must be very satisfying.

Richard has kindly supplied me with his respective Jet2 decal sheets for both the 737-800 and the 757-200. I have to say that these are some of the finest decals I've ever seen - very accurate, lots of detail, beautifully printed. Very highly recommended. If anyone is contemplating getting copies for themselves I would suggest you do so sooner rather than later - you'll be impressed, and pleased you did. As Richard says, they're available in VERY limited quantities so get them whilst you can. Contact Richard by Private message using this Site.

I understand that Richard may be considering producing further decals for himself and, depending on how popular these initial Jet2 sheets are, he may also make future sheets available to fellow modellers. Lets hope we can encourage him to bring out more of these excellent and unique subjects; they deserve to be very popular.


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Hi Richard

Can you tell what silver you used as it looks spot on to what the real aircraft are painted in. Sorry just read your post again where it states what colours you used.



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Hello,Richard - A beautifully built and finished 'Jet2 -737' you have there! These are always to be seen at my local airport,'Leeds/Bradford'. Splendid work. ;) All the best,Paul.

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