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L-29 Delfin by AMK in 72nd scale

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finished model..


Fitting of the kit is simply outstanding.

Flaps, air brakes, rudder and elevator are as separate parts and can be glued in various positions. Also, nose bay could be open, as both canopies.

Wing structure behind flaps is from etched parts.


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Looks great. Will have to get a couple.

How well does canopy etc fit in the closed position?.

Flaps, air brakes, elevator - all fit perfectly even in closed position, it is obvious from the last three pics of my post (see right half of kit)

Rear canopy fit pretty well, but the front one unfotrunatelly not - there is a small gap between front canopy and bulkhead separating front cockpit from the rear one ...see pic...


Simply the angle of bulkhead doesn´t match the angle of rear part of front canopy...

If you try to move the bulkhead little forward, the gap will apper between the buklhead and rear canopy...

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Thanks for posting the pics.

Looks to be a great kit! Will for sure buy a couple of them and many many air force schemes can be made!

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That is a perfect canopy fit compared to e.g. Sword's T-33 I now starting to fight.

Anyway I think I now must buy this L-29 and that TS-11 from ArmaHobby as well. And we have two new mold Magisters. And a Goshawk on approach. And we have F9F-8T from Sword...

A great collection of jet trainers can be build up these days. Poor my wallet...

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