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We have released a new proprietary thinner to compliment the Colourcoats range


Colourcoats Thinners offers a number of key benefits to enamel paint users including:

· Reduced odours during use compared to white spirits or cellulose thinners

· Reduced drying times compared to white spirits

· Less aggressive towards styrene plastics than cellulose thinners

· If desired, excess thinned paints can be returned to Colourcoats tins without premature curing in the tin


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Hi Graham,

It's still flammable liquids inside so the same HSE hand-wringing prevails with the tick-box safety officers in the postal companies.

Edit: Gill's ahead of me - a unit of thinners counts as part of the half-price postage offer. It's already set up - I should have asked her first before answering here!

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