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Here are some more that I've built over the last few years.

Like the original they are all based on a car with aircraft bits

added from the spares boxes or kits obtained cheaply.


Another desert Falke variant, this is to 1/48th and started life as a Porsche 911. Intakes are B-26 1/48th.

The gun is the inside of a permanent marker pen, engine is bits with a truck wheel on the end!







Yes, those are Tiger tank turrets, over 40 years in the spares box! Now they are swiveling thrusters.


Next, inspired by Pacific based Corsairs etc, this one is Airfix Jaguar based with P-38 intakes as per original Falke.





Next, NOT a Falke variant. This is a true bitsa. Fuselage P-38, floats Swordfish, outer wings F-15 tailplanes!

Pacific island based, anti shipping aircraft/ground effect flier.




And, if you have fliers, you will need SAR. And who needs rotors when you have anti grav units?

Based on a BO 105 (already used in the kreiger universe), the intakes are He 219, tail unit He219 (ish)





Hope you found something you liked.

I've been meaning to post these for ages!

Thanks for looking.


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Way cool Pete, I especially like the helicopter based one, the intakes on the first one look great, what donor part did you use for that?

You should share your work on the Ma.k forum in the fan gallery, they'd love these

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Thank you.

The intakes on the desert one are from

a 1/48th Monogram B-26 Marauder, rings

from a 1/24th car kit fitted inside perfectly while

the grilles inside them came from the spares box.

The doors into the gubbins on the left side were the

undercarriage doors.

It always amazes me how parts from different kits can

sometimes fit perfectly together and become something else.

The pictures aren't the best. I only have a little

point and shoot camera. They look better on the shelf!



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There's quite a few to like here. You've an inspired imagination and your combination of the different elements produces some realistic-looking and interesting builds. There's a few there that I'd buy if they were available in kit form. Interesting stuff.

Any plans for future builds or was this just a phase you went through at some time?

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Thank you, Rob.

It's an on going interest fired by imagination,

kreiger and boxes of bits. I like that it's 800 years

in the future and the design style is slightly alien.

I find building out of the box to be boring nowadays,

in fact, I was at the desk earlier and have another

walker in the early stages. Or it could turn out to

be a spaceship! That's the bit I love.

I do own some real Hasegawa kreiger kits though

they are still boxed. Have you seen the prices nowadays?!



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You may not have seen this one from a couple of years ago.

Not kreiger, it was inspired by an artist named Ian McQue.

WIP here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234962556-misfit/?hl=misfit

Final pics here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234963278-misfit-is-done/?hl=misfit

I had to leave Misfit when I left Riyadh, due to size & weight. Though I did keep certain parts of it for future use.

And, you may not have seen the kreiger Sternail I scratchbuilt. This one now lives in Bahrein.


I'm in the process of building another kreiger walker.

I hope to start a WIP very soon. Here's a sneaky pic...



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Liking those a lot. I've got some old a/c kits in for kit swap but I'm not sure they'll sell, so this is quite inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

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