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Revell Porsche 918 (Standard and Weissach

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Porsche 918 Spyder (Standard and with Weissach Package)

1:24 Revell



Originally planned as a Concept Car Porsche decided to go into full production in 2013. The 918 is a plug-in hybrid but unlike most is has 3 engines. A 608bhp 4.6 litre V8, a 156bhp electric motor driving the rear wheels and a second 129bhp electric motor driving the front wheels power the car to 60mph in 2.5 second and to a top speed of 218mph. The chassis is carbon fibre with a 7 speed gearbox driving the rear wheels, 4 wheel drive is provided by the front electric motor but only up to 146mph when it disengages. The 6.8kW/h battery pack can be charged in 4 hours from a normal 13A socket, there is also a 25 minute quick charge option) and electric only range is 12 miles at a maximum speed of 96mph!

Porsche built 918 units with prices starting at a tad over £780,000. There is also a £37,000 option for a liquid-metal nine coat paint job![\size]

The Kit

Revell offer 2 variants of the 918, the standard Spyder 2 seat sports car and the Weissach Package version, for those wanting a more performance orientated finish and an additional £60,000 to spend.

As the kit parts are identical, the Weissach Package has a half a dozen additional aerodynamic parts and different wheels we will review them together.

Both kits have 9 sprues, body shell and tyres. There are 6 grey sprues, 1 body colour, 1 plated and 1 clear.

Body shells.



The common sprues.









The glazing.


The instructions are the usual black and white build sequence layout with a paint guide specifying Revell paint numbers. There is also a decal placement diagram for the decals not called out for in the build sequences.

As with most car kits the build starts with the engine and gearbox to which the various exhausts, energy recovery units and drive shafts are added. The engine is then added to the chassis and strengthening members fitted over it. Next up is the front axel and electric motor unit followed by suspension parts, wheel arch liners, uprights and brake discs.

The wheels on the 2 kits are different, on the standard car the chrome wheels need painting satin black with the spoke edges picked out in silver. The Weissach Package just calls out for a matt clear over the chrome.



Next up is the interior tub and left hand drive is the only option. Seats are added to the tub followed by the dashboard, centre console and door linings. Once complete the tub is fixed to the body shell along with engine cover and lights. The main shell is glued to the chassis before the front and rear ends are added, the rear has a single piece spoiler which is in the open position.

The glazing is added next to the windscreen and doors followed by the optional soft top. The final steps add wipers, fuel cap and wing mirrors. On the Weissach Package the additional rear aerodynamic parts are added.

The decals are well printed and aligned. On the standard car you get the usual dials and registration plates, including a set of GB plates though the kit only offers left hand drive. There are also decals for the rear glazing, brake disc holes and some small areas of carbon fibre. The Weissach kit comes with a very nice Martini livery over a gloss black paint finish.




Both kits should build well out of the box and there is plenty of scope to add detail, particularly with the amount of carbon fibre on the car as well as aftermarket PE brake sets from Hobby Design.

Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit

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Thanks for this review.  It so annoys me that Revell (and Tamiya for that matter) don't include seat belts in their car kits.  Still I look forward to building the Martini version one day.  Thanks again



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