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Alclad primer - clear parts and airbrushing: advice needed

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Hello everyone,

I airbrushed an acrylic paint (Gunze aqueous hobby color) for the first time and was so happy with the result (and easy cleaning job) that I decided to try to use acrylics for the exterior of my next kits (sticking to enamel for the cockpit).

As the first paint job was a repair, It was done over sanded Humbrol enamel which did fine as a basecoat.

After having read about primers, I got a bottle of Alclad grey primer and microfiller and Gunze Mr Color levelling thinner (cellulose thinner).

1) As the primer (and Alclad metallizers) is lacquer based, is it safe to use it to prime a canopy frame (just masked with Tamiya tape)? Is there some risk to damage the clear parts (melting/fogging)?

2) Should I thin the primer for airbrushing and does it increase the risks?

3) I got an H&S Evolution Silverline. Is the 0.2 needle usable for priming or should I replace it with the 0.4 (got the two)?

4) May I clean the airbrush just with the thinner? Then shall flushing windshield washer liquid through it suffice to neutralize the "bite" of the lacquer/thinner (I fear damage to the seams)?

Thanks a lot.

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1. Yes.

2. You can, but I've never needed to with Alclad grey. I've thinned Alclad black with Gunze self-levelling, and no ill effects on canopies.

3. Can't speak to this, never used that airbrush.

4. I clean it out with hardware store lacquer thinner and so far so good.

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I have never had a problem with canopies and Alclad primers..I have also got a Silverline and have had no problems with cellulose thinners. How ever I would make sure the thinners has thoroughly evaporated and dry before giving it a final flush after cleaning; because if not the washer liquid could react with the thinners and make a horrible gungy mess.

I think you would have to thin the primer down to go through the 0.2 nozzle, so i would use it neat through the 0.4

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Thanks to both of you. There are so many things to (re)learn coming back to the hobby. .. but even more helpful people over here.

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