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Kreiger Falke variant - Stosser

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My first RFI on here for some time.

I'm enjoying scratchbuilding variants of the Falke

and other kreiger universe machines.

Mostly because I'm cheap, and have boxes of spare parts!

I do have the real kits but somehow this is more satisfiying.

Basic kits were a Revell 1/24th Ferrari and a pair of RAH-66 Comanches.

In the last shots you can see the xmas baubles used for the anti-grav units,

the 'intakes' for these are halves of missiles. All other bits are random spares.

Scale will be about 1/35th.

Anyway, comments etc are welcome.


Main view, I moved the main anti-gravs to the rear to aid maneuverability a smaller one would be in the

bulbous nosepiece.


The 'engine' is part of a Shuttle booster rocket with added greeblies. (Including 1/35th binoculars)


Close up of the nose. The guns are the original tail lights with added tube. The Comanche fans would

aid in combat.


Underside. The rocket tubes are homebuilt, the NLG 'foot' is from an old FROG Blenheim while the strut

is from a motorbike kit. Those exhausts to the rear are quickboost for a Ju87.


Better shot of the tubes and exhausts. The 'intakes' for the anti grav units are halves of a missile from a Typhoon.


In the raw. Parts origins obvious now eh?


Thanks for looking.


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