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Prince of Wales 1/700 Waterline series [First Model!]

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Hi all,

after a visit to the Lego museum in Prague (yes!) I decided to pick up the POW which I started and never finished.

As I already started once and then gave up for time reasons, decided to open this WIP post to get a bit more social pressure and finally deliver :D Can't wait to buy my second model though!

Here are a couple of photos, some pieces are painted already some other only have the first coat of grey.
PS: If anybody could point me to a nice guide on model painting it would be great!

Any feedback super welcome!




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That looks well built and finished. The rust streaks are perhaps a little heavy but good to see the weathering added, which certainly improves the overall appearance :)

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Just keep practising. You'll always find help and advice on here. I've been modelling for a fair few years but never produce a stunner. It's all about enjoyment in my view.

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