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3D cad job

Neo uk

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.I've just acquired a DeBoers Enterprise but the top of the saucer is warped.
I'm going to try and fix it but I Think there will be just as much work involved to build a new one.
I need to find someone on here to CAD me a new one so I can get it 3D printed.
It's only the top of the saucer. Anyone up for the job ?

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What's your budget? If you're talking about the top half of the saucer, the print alone will cost hundreds of dollars - a 20"+ circle will eat up a ton of material, and can't be printed on your average makerbot. An FDM print (like a Makerbot) will be rough, have zero detail and require an immense amount of hand finishing. It would fit Shapeways' WSF printer, but again, it wouldn't hold a lot of detail, would require a lot of hand finishing, and would be at least $300, by my estimate. A large format Objet printer would minimize the amount of cleanup you'd require, which would allow you to incorporate more detail, but they're harder to find and expensive to run - you'd probably be looking at $1000 minimum for a print.

And that's not even factoring in the cost to pay someone to design the part for you.

It's *really* not a matter of simply drawing a couple of quick CAD sketches and printing out a perfect replica; it takes a lot of time, money and effort. I would *strongly* suggest trying to straighten the part that you have (toss it in a warm oven on a flat sheet for half an hour to heat soak). Barring that, try to get a replacement part from the manufacturer. It will be *vastly* cheaper than printing your own.

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