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VF-1S - 1/48 by Hasegawa with add-ons

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Finished on last friday VF-1 Valkyrie from Macross anime in 1/48 by Hasegawa.
Additional two sets of PE parts from Hasegawa and Jasmine Models. Carrier deck from Steel Scorpion and resin carrier tractor from PWMP. Carrier crew also from Hasegawa is on workbench.

Hope you'll like it :)

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I do like it. It looks like an interesting kit and I didn't appreciate this was available in 1/48, might have to get one for the stash.

You've done a fine job of it and the base and vehicle adds something more again. Looking forward to seeing it all together when you finish the crew.

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Well look at that little Fokker! ;) Lovely Skull One there, I've been building a VF-1s for 10 years now. Might get around to finishing it one day. Yours is very nice with a lovely finish. :)

Kind Regards,


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Thanks everyone :)

Like it .....I love it, really very cool. How was this kit to put together?

Very nice kit. I've ecountered some problems with front and back fuselage parts join and with wing-opening mechanism but it's really good kit. Nevertheless both PE sets are needed. Hasegawa PE set includes nice meshes for intakes and better details for compressors and exhausts. Also colored seatbelts are included. Jasmine Models set has better than Hasegawa details for "burner cans" (which are flat in Hasegawa PE set) and many other stuff. You may choose which set is better for your model but I highly recommend buying both of them.

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