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On 02/03/2017 at 11:57 PM, krow113 said:

Do all that.

Then when you think you have them clean , try some 'Master's Brush Cleaner & Preserver' .

Follow the directions and you will be amazed at the crap still coming out of the brush , this deep cleans the base of the bristles.

Once a year treatment.

I agree wholeheartedly - I used to use thinners or water and then soap to clean my brushes and I was happy with the results. But then I found the Masters brush soap - All I can say is its chalk and cheese. This stuff deep cleans, shampoos and conditions all in one. B)

( I have some old reeves brushes 30 odd years or so and this made them come out almost like new. )

Also my newer and more expensive brushes are as good as the day I bought them. I do use it every time I clean though.

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I use a similar product called Zest It an Acrylic Cleaner and reviver.

Stand a stiff clogged brush in it 30 mins later like new.


Got mine from Rosemary. Fantastic range of brushes she markets.



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Hi Everyone,


For a good deep clean, The Master's Brush Soap is as good as anything else. I use it to clean acrylics from my Pro-Arte brushes.





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My preference is for Windsor and newton series 7 but Rosemary and co series 33 are great brushes for half the price. I prefer the series 7s because they have larger bellies and so hold a bit more paint. I’ve also found they keep a fine point for longer but that’s just my limited experience. 


As others have said, brush soap is a must with decent brushes like these. It makes a huge difference in brush longevity.

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