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Kit manufacturer: Hobbyboss
Scale: 1/48
Type: A-10 Thunderbolt II
Extras used: Eduard canopy masks, Aftermarket decals, scratch built FOD covers
Paints and colours used: Tamiya and Mr Hobby

Finished today. Very much enjoyed this build, Finished in arctic aggressor camo, couldn't get the exact decals so its finished as a bit of a what if scheme. Slightly overdone the pre/post shading and the pva glue on the bomb lenses hadn't dried when i took the pictures. Anyway, here's the pics and thanks for looking












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Very impressive indeed. If I may add having made the FOD guards it would look even more polished with RBF tags.


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Hello,The Stig - I don't care if the markings are a little 'what if',there's no doubt that this is a beautifully built,finished and resplendent looking tribute to this fine aircraft.I love it! :) All the best,Paul.

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man that is possibly one of the best A-10's I've seen to date. That scheme looks perfect on it - much better than the usual lizard camo or plain gray

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An amazing, dramatic A-10! In fact, it's the first depiction of an A-10 that I don't find slightly boring. ;-)

While I might agree that the weathering is a little bit heavy, it somehow goes along well with the rest of the wonderfully outrageous finish.

I like this one A LOT!

Kind regards,


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