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Kotobukiya 1/144 Aura Battler Bastole

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I hit the [backspace] key accidentally when I almost complete the post so I lost all my input in a second :fraidnot:

So I'll link the images first and then I'll add the description next day :chair:

Description below:

This is an old resin kit has been in my collection over 20 years. The kit is sculpted by famous sculptor Takeya Takayui. Who is a talent of monster and character design. This kit actually was a conversion of a mecha from 80s animation "Aura Battler". The kit is around 80mm high and casted in grey color resin. The sculptor actually turned this mecha into more organic from and lifeful instead of a battle mecha.


You can compare the look between the animation and the kit itself.


I sprayed Vallejo black primer, and then white primer for highlighting.


Before painting the details i used Vallejo wash to define the recess area and shading.


To be continued ...

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First, thanks to the admin helped to move this post to right location. :)

Nice build and paint job.

But that is one ugly thing!

Sorry for distributing. i didn't feel that when i building it until i put the colors on... I'll try to working on the color in order to avoid it look too horrid.

Lovely paint skills! Looking great :)

Thanks :)

That is looking great.

Thanks :) Edited by one hit wonder
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Turned to quiet for a while because I have spared most of my time grinding The Division on PC

RPG game is always a biggest enemy of my modelling life :chair:


The Bastole is completed few days ago and so I'm going to complete this thread




I applied some washes for the final effects however It doesn't quite obvious in the photos ...

And here are the images with the backdrops








Thanks for the watching :)

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