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RAF Mack Truck Rescue Vehicles

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Hi All,

I've been looking for an injection kit of a 1941-42 Mack truck as used by the RAF in western desert. Tried Milicast but they don't respond to my emails. Yet their resin kit Mack seems 1:76 and not 1/72...Does any one know of alternatives?



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Hi Dave,

Stuck in California and no one here in my local area/club has heard of this particular vehicle. Here is the kind of truck i'm looking for. Drawing was done by Gerald Scarborough in 1970's and modified slightly by me for instructional purpose here.


I believe this is a Mack NR4, yet not sure...Trouble is I need a 1/72 version and I don't know where to find one at a reasonable price. Also if resin I've been stung before with warped parts and poor replacement service. So if you have any details please....feel free to advise...


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