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Need some help from you salty old sea dogs...

Yorki 1960

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So Im in my local and there is this old chap who comes in, has a whisky and water, stops around 20 mins and leaves and none of the locals speak much to him. This has been going on for a while now.

Anyway we went down south to watch my sons divisions at HMS Raleigh (and another great story to be had here) and being proud parents were showing some photos I had took when this old chap (who I now know as Tom) perked up and said he used to be in the FAA with 810 Sqn flying Hawker Sea Hawks off the rusty B (HMS Bulwark 08)

He has become a friend now and tells some great stories one of which was him flying top cover while the boss dived down on a couple of Egyptian Migs to which he managed to bag one.

So being a modeller I have put together the hobby boss Sea Hawk, but I want to put it on a base of a carrier deck.

Does anyone out there have any details of what the deck looked like and what markings were on them, all Im after is printing an A4 sheet to look like the deck, sticking it to a base and covering it with a Perspex box.

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Hi Yorki, your question intrigued me so I delved about a bit and found a forum called "Shipbucket.com" where there are some great illustrations of carrier colours including one of the Centaur class carriers in 1963, so quite a bit later than your model, but may be helpful. I'd suggest dropping an email to White Ensign Models as they've done a lot of research on RN colour schemes and they have a comprehensive range of authentic paints.

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It'll be John Snyder or Peter Hall needed to answer the colour question. White Ensign Models no longer have any association with the Colourcoats paint range and the paint knowledge was all John and Peters'. Post war RN isn't something I know anything about unfortunately.

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