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Т-44М (MiniArt;1:35) WIP

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Lovely subject, good work. I started mine on Sunday.

It seems to me that running gears are MiniArt's Achilles heel by default. Too complicated, tricky to assembly and sometimes with serious construction bugs.

It appears to me that you had to play with the wheel axles too (part F5), mine have been kind of 2-3mm short, am I right? If you do not do that the axles can not be fixed to the suspension arms as per the kit building instructions.

I further noticed that the kit does not give us the manlet cover fixture strips and the back plate fuel drum fixtures (and perhaps the rubber ended backs of the fenders), which have been features of late T-44Ms. Especially if three of the camouflage schemes from the kit decals clearly sported these features. However, all these are easily to be added from scratch.

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Great build! of a great kit,

I hope that somebody brings out an upgrade to replace the missing bits(drivers compartment,gearbox, transmission) as it seems a shame to go so far with the supplied details and not include the rest!-or failing that perhaps someone can supply photos or drawings so the more adventurous amongst us can scratch build it!.



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