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Rothmans Porsche 956 in the pits ( adapted from the Tamiya 1/24 kit )

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11 minutes ago, Homerlovesbeer said:

Another build thread killed by photobucket......may they rot in hell :angry:


Yeah, this really got my goat at the time to be honest. I actually abandoned my dual 917K when I completely lost the build thread. It just demotivated the hell out of me.


Well that and the epoxy resin, paints and glues were unfortunately giving me terrible eczema on my hands.


I'll get back to it one day though.


I have some time off at the moment after a seriously busy year, I might get around to putting the finished 956 build pics back up. ;)

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Hi Borez,

I'm so thankful for the EXCELLENT 

 sequential build set you've done with this kit!!! I'm sort of doing the exact same thing with the exception of using "Newman" (Joest Racing team). And I'm not doing the front scratch building... But everything else!! 

Ive got a question regarding the Cockpits "Fluid Bottle Bank" of 4 bottles.. "Is that for the Braking System"?? Or what?

Thanks again for all your remarkable work-tips-photos-& suggestions!! I was able to order an engine upgrade from "Clay Models" in Japan👍



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On 3/14/2016 at 6:04 PM, Borez said:

Just a little update. Been away touring + I'm still waiting for some detailing bits and pieces to arrive.

Primer coat on the bodywork is now pretty much done.


Tried my hand at a little gearbox detailing using an acrylic capillary wash ( just Tamiya paint and thinners ) Definitely looks a lot more realistic than the standard plastic. I want that kind of dirty raced a few laps look to the engine and gearbox.




Tried it on some engine parts too ( although these won't be used in the final model ) One of the cylinder heads is not detailed in the pic for comparison.


I'll definitely be detailing the rest of the engine and chassis this way.

Then scratch built these tiny fluid bottles that will sit in the back of the tub under the motronic. The top pipe is not trimmed to size yet.




Speaking of engine detailing though I found this Japanese guy who's built and moulded his own detailing upgrade kit for the Tamiya 956 engine.

Couldn't pass this up at all. There's one on its way to me. Totally looking forward to getting my teeth into it.

And that's it for now really.

Thanks for looking.

What R these bottles used for??

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