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'Skink' - 1:72 Resin2Detail

Paul A H

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1:72 Resin2Detail



The Tank AA, 20 mm Quad, better known as the Skink, was a Canadian anti-aircraft tank developed in the build up to the Allied invasion of Fortress Europe. The tank was designed in response to a requirement from the Canadian Army for an enclosed anti-aircraft platform. Due to a lack of threat from the German air force by the time of the invasion, the Skink was cancelled after only a handful had been completed. Named after a lizard native to Ontario, the Skink utilised four 20mm Polsten guns (a Polish-designed weapon best described as a simplified Oerlikon cannon) fitted to a bespoke turret mounted on an M4A1 Grizzly. Although the Skink didn't enter full production, one example found its way to Europe where it engaged in combat trials with Canadian armoured units. Although the threat of the Luftwaffe had dissipated, it was found to be useful for flushing enemy soldiers out of built-up positions.

For those unfamiliar with Resin2Detail, it is the brainchild of Brian Watkins, a lifelong aircraft and armour modeller and WWII history buff who started the company with the aim of bringing the top-quality resin and photo-etch detail parts to the market. Based in New Jersey, Brian does all of his own research, design, printing and fabrication. .





The conversion set arrives packed into a sturdy cardboard box filled with plenty of packing to protect the contents. The conversion itself comprises a new turret four barrels for the fearsome Polsten Cannons. The parts are really nicely cast in grey resin and I couldnt find any bubbles or flaws anywhere. The level of detail that Resin2Detail have managed to achieve is very impressive indeed. The set is designed for use with the old but useable Italeri M4A1, but should be easy enough to convert for use with an alternative kit.


This is the first product from Resin2Detail that I have been able to get my hands on, and I have to say I am very impressed. The quality of casting is excellent and the level of detail is absolutely first class. The trickiest part will be sourcing a kit of appropriate quality to go with it. There are several good photographs of the Skink around to help though. Highly recommended.










Review sample courtesy of



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