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A Brace of Monogram/Revell 1:48 Hustlers

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My attempts at this kit, well there's actually two releases here, the original Monogram release 5704, and a subsequent Revell re-boxing 04337. With the age of the Mongram kit the decals had not faired too well, so I used the Revell set for both builds only using the Monogram ones where necessary.

The SEA was my first attempt at using an airbrush which did not go too well and was subsequently brush painted to resolve and touch up the problems, the silver bird is completely brush painted with Humbrol Aquacolor paints with some being mixed to try and give some tonal variation.




Monogram Convair B-58A-10CF Hustler 92429 “The Polaski Hustler”(5704)

43rd Bomber Wing, Carswell AFB. 1960 SAC Bombing Competiton

Bergstrom AFB, Texas.







Revell 1:48 Convair B-58 A-10-CF 92428 (04337)

43rd Bomber Wing, Little Rock AFB, “Project Bullseye” with SEA camourflage Eglin AFB,

Florida, Summer 1967








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Good work. I do like the shape of the Hustler, definitely a classic aircraft. I don't know much about what's available in 1/48 but I suspect the Monogram kit is the only offering. How did you find the Monogram kit? Anything to watch out for, construction wise?

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By far the worst fitting parts are the engine pylons to wing joins, the rest isn't too bad but not up to current standards. it's also raised panel lines so those enclined (I'm not) may well wish to get the engraver out.

I would not follow the instructions as regards the U/C which they tell you to install during the wing & fuselage build. I recommend using the location holes in the bay's as a jig to construct the U/C and put them aside until painted. Similarly I'd fit the U/C bay doors before the gear as well.

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