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Airwar over Austria...1/48 Focke-Wulf Fw190F-8 Royal Hungarian Airforce

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In autumn 1944 a Hungarian fighterbomber group, the 102nd, was built up with former Ju87 and Ju88 pilots, filling two squadrons. In total they received about 78 used and new Fw190, mostly F-8 but also a few F-4 and G-8. It wasn´t easy for the pilots to transfer from the slow Stuka to the potent 190, so besides battle losses they also lost a/c and pilots in accidents.
Nevertheless the Hungarian pilots had some success against the advancing Red Army but had to retreat more and more to the west.
On March 27th 1945 the 102nd entered Austrian territory and was stationed in the area of Wiener Neustadt and flew sorties in the Vienna and St. Pölten area. On April 10th the flew their last combat sortie and retreated with the last 7 remaining aircraft to Upper-Austria where these a/c were destroyed on the ground on April 16-17th by strafing USAAF a/c. The Hungarian personal and their families then marched on foot to Pocking/Bavaria where they became POWs of the US Army.

Hasegawa kit with Techmod decals, painted with Gunze and Tamiya acrylics, aerials with EZ Line.
Model shows an a/c of 102/2 fighterbomber squadron.
The book "Hungarian Fighter Colours" by Denes Bernad and György Punka was used as reference.
















and the whole MKHL gang together



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Superb collection you have there.

On the Fw190 I liked your use of different colours on some panels. The mottling is very good. I liked the subtle weathering. Looks like you had a thoughtful appreciation of the various finishes on the aircraft and went about replicating them very well.

Your photography skills are to be commended as well.
A very nice build all round.
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Hello there,

nice to see so many Hungary related planes.

Realy well done.

Regards from Budapest.


they are a nice diversion to all the Luftwaffe markings, most probably a Hungarian Bf109F-4 and a Stuka will follow this year

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