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Canopy 'Survival' Set! :-)


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Hi all,

A bit of update, one new set available now:

Canopy Survival Kit

1000 masking elements!
Squares, squares with beveled corners, different types of triangles, different widths of stripes, curved stripes, circles, spirals, concentric circles, ovals, triangles, squares and more!
All you need to mask any canopy in any scale!
Enough to mask 100’s of canopies!
LOTS of new sets this week and among them Kitty Hawk - OS2U Kingfisher - 1:32
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Hi Maketar.......I'm a your customer.....on 9 Dicember I've ordered and payed same items ......but nothing is arrived yet.....I've  also tryed to email you two times......no answer at all......can you help me??Thanks a lot,Enrico.

Ps: my order is coded: #3707

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