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For anyone interested, Spencers review and kit build of the Airfix Shackleton(Love Shack 2) has been released in the April 2016(issue 129)of Model Airplane International and - I managed to pick up my copy in W H Smiths.

One criticism that he mentions and I tend to agree with him, is the plastic Airfix are using to make this kit with, its too soft(I find all current kits are exactly the same, very soft)and deforms easily(this would account for members coming across kits with warped wings)

Spencer also mentions that due to a load of photos made during kit construction, there was insufficient space for the complete article, it was decided therefore to continue the kit build into a second part/chapter in the May issue, so, we have even more kit building to look forward to.............

Spencer did mention he would decided after this build which he considered to be the best Shackleton Kit between the two............however, Spencer has decided to leave that upto the individual and Spencer continues his hobby of "fence sitting"....... :shutup:

Love reading Spencers kit builds and have been a fan of his for more years than I care to remember...............

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you have seen nothing yet..................50 plus photos in this months Model Airplane International and expect the same number in next months International

mag.............so plenty more DROOLWORTHYNESS to look forward to :hypnotised:

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Hello,Spence - My compliments to you on both your fabulous 'Shackleton' builds and also the great magazine articles featuring them.You should be justifiably proud of your work and I look forward to the next article on the painting and finishing aspect of the Airfix example.;) All the best,Paul.

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