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Modern IDF Individual Load Carrying Equipment (SPS-020) 1:35


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Modern IDF Individual Load Carrying Equipment (SPS-020)
1:35 Meng Models


Released in conjunction with the IDF Infantry set reviewed here, this high-quality resin set contains a large quantity of pressure cast resin parts on small casting blocks that would be useful as stowage on a vehicle, or to add individuality to a figure that you might be using to portray modern IDF troops. The set arrives in a small black box, and inside are individually packaged resin parts, as follows (from left to right, top row first in the picture):


1 x daysack
2 x large daysack
1 x kit bag
1 x go-bag
3 x load-carrying harnesses
1 x cummerbund belt in C-shape
1 x helmet with cover
1 x "camelbak" drinking reservoir pouch
2 x cummerbund belt in laid out shape
2 x daysack straps

All the items have MOLLE loops as you'd expect from modern combat gear, and are of the highest quality in terms of casting and sculpting. The harnesses are designed to mount on the back of a figure, allowing a daysack to be glued in place, mating with the large back-pad, and the triangular bottom strap location points. The helmet in its cover is suitable for gluing to the rear of one of the large daysacks (the one on the left in the picture), where the retention strap mates with the strap on the helmet part, and the bottom keys in with the top edge of bottom compartment. You can see the collapsed helmet pouch on the right-most sack under the main compartment. The separate harnesses mount to the smaller sack, allowing it to be posed lying flat on the ground or on a vehicle, but they could also be adapted to fit the drink pouch with a little alteration of the mating surfaces.

A very useful set for either figures or stowage, which will need very little clean-up, and a wash in warm soapy water to remove any lingering mould-release agent.


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