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Four Tiny Tornados - Revell and Dragon 1/144

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I started these last year as part of the STGB Memorial Build for fellow Britmodeller Merv Milliken (Spike7451). I wanted to try and represent each nation that operates the Tornado and was keen to include an F.3 example. I scratch built some of the missing details such as the Secondary Heat Exchanger intake and other bits relevant to the aircraft modelled.

Decals for the Luftwaffe ECR and the RAF F.3 are from the kits with some additional stencilling from a Hannants Xtradecal sheet. The Italian and Saudi examples came from Mark1's book of twelve Tornados

I didn't get them over the line for that GB, so when the KUTA VIII GB came along at the back end of the year I decided that I would try to complete them for that. That GB finished a couple of weeks ago and here are the finished models.

Tornado ECR 2011 Tigermeet - Revell 1/144



Tornado F.3 RAF 56 R Squadron (Firebirds) - Dragon 1/144



Tornado ECR Italian Air Force - Revell 1/144



Tornado IDS Royal Saudi Air Force - Revell 1/144



And finally a shot of all four together


I had a lot of fun putting these together and I'm sure that there are lots of things that Merv would have pointed out had he still been with us, but I am pleased with the way they turned out.

Apologies to those who followed these builds for repeating the photos here, but I wanted to share my efforts with the people who may not venture to the GB pages.

Thanks for looking in.

Links to builds are below

Tornado STGB III Link1

Tornado STGB III Link2 (F.3)


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Hi John,

I have already told you a while back these minute Tornado were fantastic, and looking at them again, I am still amazed that you pulled such a beautiful feat!



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