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3D pens.


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Hi, so has anyone got one? A 3D pen that is, and are they any good for model-making. I first saw one advertised about 3 years ago when I was doing some sculptures (at that time, I hadn't made a model/diorama for three decades and didn't think of 3D pens in that context. I've looked around on the web and they seem quite cheap... somewhere around the 30 quid mark, and I was wondering if they would be any good for drawing/making trees, or more specifically branches and twigs.

If anyone does have one and uses it for modelling, is the plastic compatible with the normal glues like CA and Liquid Poly? And if you do use them for making diorama features, can you please post some pics?



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I saw a GENIUS use one at an exhibition, and he built a VERY credible model of the Eiffel tower in about 20 minutes.

It was in NO WAY a wobbly, 'iffy' result. I only wish I had taken my camera.

It was just amazing to watch him 'draw' a picture in 3D.

I've contemplated one for making quick masters for resin moulding, then clean up the first casting, and then make new 'proper' mould.

I've held back as I'm still hoping that decent 3D printers will drop in price over the next year or so, even more dramatically than they have done in the last 18 months.

It's still mega-bucks commercially - I just paid £500 for a 3D printed 1/8 scale car body shell for a future project, and that was HALF PRICE on condition the printers could use my finished model on their website etc.

3D printing is here - and getting better and cheaper.

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