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Starling Models now stocking 3d modelparts 3d printed accessories

Mike McCabe

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In the shop today are some amazing 3d printed Royal Navy AA weapons by 3dmodelparts in 1/700 and 1/600 scales.

These include 8 and 4 barrel pom poms, quad Vickers machine guns, twin bofors, 20mm oerlikons and twin 4.5" mounts as used on Ark Royal.

It is no exaggeration to say that these are the best weapon accessories I have seen in small scale, and of course they don't need any fiddly folding so are ideal for those who find working with etched parts a challenge. Just the thing for those RN battleships, cruisers, carriers and destroyers.

Once again, Starling Models is the only UK retailer for this company so take a look at www.starling-models.co.uk







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Hi Graham

I sent a message but just realised I was answering in my own forum!

Yes, the vickers are very nice, but really hard to photograph. I'll have a go with the SLR tomorrow in daylight and see if I can get something.



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