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Homemade 1/32 Aircraft Base - First attempt


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Hi all,

Here's my first attempt at using Starbuck's coffee stirrers for a generic airfield base to display 1/32 aircraft. One thing I will say, which I never thought I would here on Britmodeller, is that my little Chopper sure came in handy!!


The other thing that I bought recently was a mitre saw in order to cut the frame corners nicely at 45 degrees. Best investment for the tool box this year so far!

Here's the base, comments very welcome as I'm quite new to this.



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Thanks Simon! I say first attempt, I have had a go at putting grass like effects onto a shop brought plinth, but the base is MDF, framed with oak, which in hindsight I should have done last, after the groundwork had been done. I do think that those Starbucks stirrers look good after some stain though!

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