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Achtung Stuka !

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Yes the aircraft of today is the:

Junkers Ju-87 B-2 Stuka

6/st.G.2 Tmimi;Libya

It is the Revell 1/48 model, but first moulded

by Hasegawa.

It' a very delightful model to build and the fit is top
A beautifully detailed cockpit too. What else do we need ?

Stuka is the short for Sturzkampfflugzeug which means:dive bomber.

Now to the pictures:

hébergeur image gratuit


des photos

The entire airframe has been airbrushed but the canopy frames have been free hand brush painted (without any masking).

I hope you like it.

Good evening to everybody. Polo.

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Hello,Polo -.You build some fantastic models and your latest,this 'Stuka' is no exception.I love the quality and detail of the paint and finishing work and commend the clean patina.She is a resplendent tribute to the type.All the best,Paul.

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Thank you very much mcdonnell.

I must admit that I prefer a pristine finish just off factory.

I have seen on different sites and forums so many models

ruined by an overdone weathering.

I have never made any pre or post shading, I find them unrealistic.

I use dry brushing, particularly in the cockpit area, engines or wheel wells.

I think I will soon try to make some washes, but I'm always afraid I could spill

the finish.

Thank you all for the kind words and I wish a good night to everybody. Polo.

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Hello Iam and thank you;

I only use Humbrol enamel paints.

I used them already when I was a child and begun modelling,

that was approximately 55 years ago.

When I paint brush, I use them just out of the tin.(after a rather long stirring with a match or a tooth picker)

And when I airbrush, I thin them with 50% white spirit or turpentine.

Have a nice evening!

Cheers. Polo.

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To Bish, hello !!

Yes in the kit's decal you will find only one snake, for the port side.

I've read many articles on that subject, some say it's only on one side,(one can find a photo where the snake can be found on the port side; this is for sure)

other say it's on both sides, port and starboard, but it can't be proven Some say also the snake should be white with red patches,

or it should be white with camouflage colour patches.

Who is right? Who is not?

I think we'll never know the truth, because there are to few photographs left for this aircraft.

But I must say that I like my model anyway, accurate or not, I can live with it.

Good night to everybody ! Polo.

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Ye, I have found the same confusion. I have a set of 72nd AM decals for the same aircraft with the snake on both sides and with no red patches. I have also seen it referenced that this aircraft is an R-2, but I have seen no pics of it with drop tanks, so I have no idea how they can say that.

Your right to like it, its a really nice Stuka. All we can do is go with what we have go with it.

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Hello Greif:

Fuselage length is 23 cm (9 inches)

Wingspan is 29 cm (11.4 inches)

The Stuka is not so big an aircraft!!

Good night. Polo.

Thanks Polo. I had one in 1/32 when I was kid..and it was gigantic to me!

That's incredible how the appreciations of proportions changes with time ! :coolio:

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