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1/72 - Piper Jet Pa-47 by Amodel - released - Mini World upgrade sets


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Mini World dedicated upgrade sets


- ref. 7263 - Air intake, pitot, antennas for Piper PA-47, for Amodel 72343 kit

Source: https://hobbyterra.com/product/air-intake-pitot-antenna-for-piper-pa-47-for-amodel-72343-kit-mini-world-7263.html




- ref. 7263a - Pitot and antennas for Piper PA-47, for Amodel 72343 kit

Source: https://hobbyterra.com/product/pitot-and-antenna-for-piper-pa-47-for-amodel-72343-kit-mini-world-7263a.html





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