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Trumpeter (01020) 9A52-2 SMERCH-M


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More Science...

All the Rocket Pods are done as planned.

Still have to fit Parts X1 to create the screw effect

Rocket Pods removed to reveal the intricate framework of the Launcher.

And Yes! it does still elevate


As I previous mentioned, there are 8 full pods and 4 with the top section not fitted - I shall test more when I've done more


The fitting of parts X1 are a bit awkward as you do need a fair bit of patience while you're gluing the plastic bit by bit

Parts X1 - what a joy! with 10-12 attachment points per part - that's a lot of clean-up, and there's some flash too


I have done more testing of the pod installation sequence and I have found the instructions should be revised as seen in RED


You can see here that they do screw in and quite easily too.


I am pleasantly surprised!

Next Time: Rocket Pod Tails

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man thats a complicated build.... loving you do it on our beahlf (I can imagine its me and not have to stress over actually doing it ;-0))

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Here we are again!

Rear Rocket Pads

Time for the really fiddly part - the rear of the rockets, all 12 of them

Quite a few bits on this, it's taken me around an hour to do the first 2 of these


Parts X2 have 4 attachment points on such fine plastic - AAAAAAAAARRRGGGHHH!


So! I have replaced parts X2 after they shattered into several parts

Some 15amp fuse wire is the order of the day and although fiddly, it works


It's mundane but I now have another 10 parts per unit x 10

Wish me luck!

Next Time: a lot more of the same I'm afraid

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:banghead: Talk about Fiddly Bits!!! :banghead:

Note to viewers: I have changed my camera settings on my Fuji Finepix S1 DSLR to ISO400 with a Manual aperture setting of 125 f3.9 and this has brought out a much richer picture so, thanks James

All the parts are now in place - I know, I was going to paint then add to the model!


The elevation and sighting mechanism is VERY FIDDLY!!!!!!


Note that the operator platform is very slightly warped.

I shall remedy this later


The grab rail has also been replaced with brass rod having shattered into about 4 parts which are now scattered across the workspace and floor!

Next Time: (and after the nervous breakdown), more of the same

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Umm...Big Russians with big tires, and eight of 'em. I just love the Maz and it's size. Your build is making me want this kit. Nice build.

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Not sure if is still available, BUT veteranus model kits had it for £54 INC POSTAGE! - a few days ago!, obviously at that price I could not resist!,I hope the MENG resin 'sagged' wheel set fits as I got them as well!.

bye for now


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Loving the build and the way you are doing the updates with titles and such!


That is a beast of a build and certainly looks interesting.  I have never even thought of building something like this but it is now on my wish list haha.  However, seeing as I have 5 tanks as a WIP at the moment ...... I shall hold off.


Shame it's an old discussion that seems to have died :( I was enjoying reading it.




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Sorry to dredge this back up chaps but i started mine last night and wanted to know people's thoughts on replacing the plastic rotation threads for the rocket tubes with copper wire.


I've looked at them in the box and Shermaniac is spot on right, it has a load of sprue attachment points and will be a cast iron bee hatch to clean up. It is an older kit and I'm worried i may snap them if they have become a bit brittle.  The Trumpeter thick plastic i find isn't very bendable at the best of times. 


I am thinking some stiff copper wire might be a better option, what do you guys think?



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