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Airfix 1/48 Spitfire Vb

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Hi All, I started my Spit Vb a couple of weeks ago. It's proving to be as pleasant as other new tools in the Airfix Arsenal (well, apart from the landing gear) and I thought I ought to share my progress so far...

Masked and Primed

I painted the underside in a mix of Hu 90, and 34, to tone down the green tint of their sky


Painted topside in Tamiya Flat Earth


I tried my luck with free hand camo on the HU 27, a bit poor


but I tidied it up with blu tac, and more flat earth


And this is the result after tidying her up


Sitting on her wheels (after a little swearing and superglue)


A shot of her undercarriage


And last update from yesterday, the landing gear still hadn't settled, so I used a little more glue and then had her resting on two nail files acting as support struts. That worked like a charm


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