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Revell 1:35 GTK Boxer with lights

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Hi again everyone

Sorry, but it's been quite a while since I last posted any projects on here but I've been waiting for another model kit that would be suitable for adding lights that was within my budget and scope.

Well, after yet another birthday (November) and Christmas (my favourite times for receiving cash) I have since purchased an airbrush kit and spray booth so please be kind when viewing these pictures as I have such a lot more to learn. After spending over 45 years of hand painting I finally bit the bullet and came into the 21st Century. I must admit I should have done it so much earlier but, alas, I'm a very slow learner :banghead:

Anyway, I shall be catching up with all the latest projects on here until my next project (the Revell Iveco Stralis with lights) needs finishing, looking forward to seeing more of the excellent builds that appear on here in between.

So enjoy (hopefully) these samples of my first airbrushed kit and I look forward to any views, good or bad, and cannot wait to look at the posts I have missed. I hope to improve the picture quality when I get the chance.

The link to more pictures (including some of the actual build) and a video can be found HERE





















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Great job. Would love to see some details on how you did it....

My one criticism: the tyres are too shiny.

Thanks, Sean. Appreciate the feedback. True the tyres are too shiny. I was supposed to have addressed that before I actually took the photo's but in the excitement of everything working, I forgot. I'm now thinking of doing the same kit (with lights) again only in the desert colours. If I do I will try to produce more details of how I added the lights.

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Looks great, especially all lit up -- one question, though: is it really 1/24? I can only see 1/72 and 1/35 versions online. I'd have one like a shot as something very different for my car cabinet if it IS 1/24...



Really sorry, the kit is indeed 1/35 scale. Many apologies for that. I'm so used to doing 1:24 scale that anything that does not need a magnifying glass seems to be 1:24 to me :banghead:

Really appreciate your post though.

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