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Taking off the L plates

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Hi All,

I present to you my first completed model since taking up the hobby 3 or 4 months ago.

It is a 1/48 Hasegawa A-4E Skyhawk. Mr hobby paints were used as well as some ammo and mig weather products. I stole a pilot from a phantom kit and used the eduard seat belts to strap him in. I set him up so he is giving a wave. Annoyingly a piece of clear sprue fell over during the painting process and was lost forever as well as a nice yellow decal with the name of the pilot on it :fight:

Apart from that I am pretty happy with it. All comments good and bad are welcome.












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Thanks everyone.

Nice effort, are you planning a stand for it?


Thanks Martin, yeah I have ordered a rod and a base for it. I was going to wait until they arrived but it felt like it was the first time it hadn't rained for ages so took the opportunity to take some photos in natural light.

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Hello,Lordstrpe - Welcome to this wonderful hobby and what a wonderful start! You've made a splendid job on your Skyhawk' build and she looks resplendent in your chosen scheme.All the best,Paul.

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